Marrill, Barbara
Shill Extended Family c. 1897
July 4, 1897
Large family group [outside Biggs Lehi store?] rubber-stamped "JUL 4 1897" on reverse. Also on reverse this inscription:
"First Row L. to R. / Oscar Shill, Wilford Biggs, Frank Biggs, Caroline Shill, Frank Shill, Tommy Biggs, Scott Shill, Rene Shill"
"Second Row / Victor Shill, [left blank], Laura Shill, George Shill, Charles Shill, Otto Shill, Harriet Shill, Wright Shill"
"Third Row / Orson Shill, Ralph Shill, Thomas Biggs, Ella Biggs, Henry Biggs, Alice Simpkins Shill, Milo G. Shill"
Lehi, Arizona
Shill, Oscar Milo (1892-1977)
Biggs, Wilford (1892-1949)
Biggs, Frank P. (1894-1979)
Shill, Carolyn "Carrie" Harriet (1894-1975)
Shill, Frank Erastus "F.E." (1888-1950)
Biggs, Thomas C. "Tommy" (1888-1939)
Shill, Harry "Scott" (1890-1974)
Shill, Renus "Ren" Edmond (1885-1922)
Shill, Charles Victor (1875-1906)
Shill, George Washington (1872-1899)
Shill, Charles Golding (1821-1910)
Shill, Otto Stronach (1893-1982)
Paynter, Harriet Stronach (1848-1931)
Shill, Wright Painter/Paynter (1880-1972)
Shill, Orson Obed (1877-1959)
Shill, Ralph Freeman (1882-1966)
Biggs, Thomas Piercy (1859-1902)
Shill, Ella Deseret (1867-1927)
Biggs, Henry (1897-1897)
Simkins, Alice Ann (1870-1901)
Shill, Milo Goulding (1869-1940)
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Shill extended family, July 4 1897Shill extended family, July 4 1897