Cat People of the Outer Regions : Cat People Dolls made by Karen Kuykendall

Artist Karen Kuykendall created a fantasy world that consisted of 5 Queendoms of the Outer Regions -Sapphire, Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, and Topaz. These "Cat-People" inspired a lot of her artwork which includes dolls, sculptures, paintings, and more which are all now part of the Mesa Historical Museum's permanent collection. This exhibit showcases the dolls she created for the fantasy world and most were made in 1989 and 1990. In most fantasy art, it is typically warriors that are featured and Karen wanted to showcase the large variety of occupations that would make up a queendom including middle-class citizens, business men and women, servants, dancers, and more. These Cat People Dolls have taken awards at several SF Conventions in Arizona and Los Angeles and a group of 30 of them won the top award in doll-making at the 1990 Costume Designers' Convention in Ontario, California. None of her dolls were ever offered for sale.

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Cat People of the Outer Regions