Historic Home Tour

The 15th  Annual Historic Home Tour in Mesa will be held on Saturday, Jan. 24, 2015, from 10am to 4pm and will be bigger and better than ever with more houses and historic stops.

Tickets will be available the day of the tour at 9:30am at the Museum's Downtown location, as well as within the neighborhood (stay tuned for details). Tickets may be purchased in advance, online with a credit card.

This year's tour will feature the Evergreen, West 2nd, and Robson historic districts.
Special stops:  Fitch Farm House, Antique Wedding House, inside the Bungalow, Sirrine House, Queen of Peace Church, MHM on Main Street (Includes the AZ Spring Training Experience and Wallace and Ladmo exhibits)
Refreshments will be available to purchase at Inside the Bungalow 
Call  480-835-2286 with any questions.

Tickets are $20. All proceeds benefit the Mesa Historical Museum. ticketsbutton.png








Is this a guided tour? While there are docents and booklets to give you plenty of information about the stops on the tour, the tour is not guided. You go at your own pace.

Are there buses? There aren't buses, but the majority of the tour is walkable. See last year's Home Tour Map.

When and where can I buy tickets? Until January 23, you can buy tickets online, or in person at the museum. On the day of the tour, you can buy tickets at the museum, and in the historic district. (Cash only! If you need to use a card, be sure to buy your tickets at the museum) (check the map for the exact location, but it's usually easy to find - just follow our signs!)

Some of the press from a previous year's tour, Mesa home tour features careful bungalow restoration

large_606 N. Robson 01.jpg large_528 Grand.jpg large_616 Grand 1.jpg
large_558 N. Robson 01.jpg large_232 W Second St.jpg large_656 N. Robson 03.JPG

(homes from the 2013 home tour)